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Track Name: The Five Mod Four - How My Kids Wrote 'Elastic Man'
Look em up online
That's what I did
Track Name: Hilarity Ensues - Live at Witch Trials
We're still one step ahead of you
I still believe in the R and R dream
R and R as primal scream

Tied to the Puritan Ethic
Non sympathetic to spastics
After all this, still a lonely bastard.

Eggheads, boneheads, queue
Queue for them
We were early and we were late
But, still, live at the witch trials....
Track Name: Hilarity Ensues - How Michael Bolton Wrote 'Elastic Man'
I'm forever grateful to my past influences
But they will not save me
From charges of unconscious plagiary
Track Name: marty sniff - the league of bald headed men
You know when you end up in some sort of a cine-complex
And the person next to you is someone you hate?
Well well well well well well well well with me,
I end up like that,
All around and inside left.

All through the walls
It suppurates.
Look it up!
I'm immobile.
Is your house for sale?

And Davey's just got out of his cell -
Where have you been this time?
Your lives are beyond the pale.
Walk the main drag, splayed.

See the blue baseball hatted, baseball blue hatted
School friends, pop mobs
Male loafers, business affairs advisers and members of the band.
Suppurates, look it up!

And every day it's my pleasure to meet
The great league of bald-headed men.

Your friends, pop mobs, first wives, ex-loafers
And every day it is my pleasure to meet
The league of bald-headed men.

Baseball hatted, blue capped.
And every day it's my pleasure to meet
The great league of bald-headed men.
Track Name: four o'clocker 2 - The Mixer
Hold your fire, hold your fire.